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Best Weight Loss Exercise in the World

There are many exercises in this world that can be easily reduced your weight. But today  I'm telling you about the best weight loss exercise in the world. These best Weight Loss Exercise will be helpful in decreasing your weight. We all know Exercise is very important for our Health.

Body Weight Exercise

The practice of body weight exercise too much pumping your heart and activated your muscles. If you are not working then Increasing your muscles mass burn more calories.

Best Weight Loss Exercise

On your side start with arms and your feet together. Because this is complete best weight loss exercise, This exercise directly effects on your body weight. your hand and legs in jumping jack condition, your hand on the ground then your legs in the air another way your legs on the ground then your hand on the air. Do this best weight loss exercise at least 10 times in sets of 3 to 5.

Stand up on your feet and jump, In the Air, your hand also raise than your body in the air. When you are doing this position, touch your left hand to the right knee. After some time down on the ground and turn your knees in the left side and the shoulders in the right side.

Lunges Exercise

This Exercise is also best weight loss exercise because there is some pressure on our stomach inside the weight loss exercise. There is a lot of variation inside this Lunges exercise, But Plane Lunges is the best weight loss exercise. If you want to burn maximum calories then this exercise will be good for you.

Best Weight Loss Exercise

This Exercise is very simple First of all, you brought your right foot in the 90-degree angle than your left foot straight into the back side. This repetition should be on your hands on the hips.

When you do this Exercise then our body weight should be on the front feet, After doing this for a while, follow all step on the left foot. Do this exercise in at least 5 sets in a day.

Running Exercise

This exercise is followed by most people in the world. That's why this exercise is included in the World's Best Weight Loss Exercise. Although some people do not consider this exercise to be so effective, Because running for them is not so easy.

Best Weight Loss Exercise

Running outside area is better for indoor Exercise, Because running in the outdoor area, our body gets a high amount of vitamin D. This is the biggest reason that is called best weight loss Exercise.

According to research, there are more calories Burn by running compare to the gym. 1-hour workout in the gym burns approx 350 calories but running 1 hour can burn approx 600 to 800 calories.

Jumping Rope Exercise

Jumping rope is also the most popular best weight loss exercise in school time. Most of the school, Girls do jumping rope more than boys. But nowadays many people have started doing this exercise.

Best Weight Loss Exercise

Standing right on your feet then jumping rope take in your hand. After that jump in the air while running the jumping rope. Caution should be done while doing this best weight loss exercise because some people fell in the jumping rope.

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